Celebrate National Lazy Day!

Let’s celebrate National Lazy Day together by doing, well, nothing. By nature, I’m a very low energy person. You won’t find me out on a shopping spree or running a 5K. I don’t care for parties and I don’t have many friends. Why? Because these things take energy.

Way too much in my opinion.

I’m a huge fan of anything I can do from my bed or the couch. Anything I can do with a thumb or two. So, you can imagine my delight when I learned that there is a holiday celebrating me and my lifestyle.

On National Today’s website, you can find a list of quirky and obscure holidays. You can create a list of your favorites and learn a little history behind each of them. My absolute favorite is celebrated this Saturday.

August 10th is National Lazy Day and I plan to celebrate to the fullest. From my couch, of course.

I won’t be getting dressed. I won’t be cooking or cleaning. I will not be playing taxi for my family.

I will be tucked into my corner of the couch, quilt draped over my lap, kittens napping next to me and I’ll refuse to perform any physical activity unless it’s an essential bodily function.

After all, it’s a holiday and it’s my right, as a verified lazy person, to celebrate!

Visit NationalToday.com to see their comprehensive list of interesting holidays and start celebrating every day like it’s a holiday because it probably is- you just didn’t know it!

How will you celebrate National Lazy Day? Let me know what qualifies as a lazy day for you.

*Per the lazy persons rules and regulations policy, this post was written with the least amount of exertion possible*