Can coffee help you sleep? Surprising results.

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If you have trouble falling asleep at night, there may be an easy solution. It might sound counterproductive but coffee can help you sleep. 

I absolutely love the taste of a petfectly made cup of coffee. I prefer it over every other beverage, no matter the hour of the day. However, I only recently started drinking it in the evening. Here’s why.

I was getting ready to head home after a busy day visiting out-of-town family. Before I left, I brewed a small cup of coffee. It was already after eight and I hoped it would help with the long ride.

I usually have trouble falling asleep without the help of a sleep aid. In fact, I’ve been using meds to combat insomnia for the last seventeen years! That night though, I fell asleep with no issues. I wondered if there was possibly a connection. So, I decided to test it out.

The next evening, I brewed my second cup of coffee around six o’clock and, just like the previous day, I felt increasingly sleepy as the evening wore on.

After a few nights like this, I started doing some research on how coffee works in the body. It turns out that we produce a chemical called adenosine which is responsible for the regulation of our sleep-wake cycle. It’s what causes us to feel sleepy around bedtime. Coffee blocks this chemical.

But there’s a catch. While coffee works to block adenosine, it doesn’t stop it from being produced. And as the coffee begins to wear off, we are bombarded with an excess of adenosine making us feel sleepy.

So, while a nice cup of joe can give you the energy boost you need in the morning, coffee can also help you sleep!

Thanks to my favorite beverage, I have been able to eliminate the need for harmful medications. Maybe it could help you, too.